Acfee and eHNA

Welcome to TanJent.

Our goal is to help health and healthcare to make good use of eHealth and its emerging technologies. We see eHealth as a combination of people, ICT and transformation. It's much more than just information technology.

We specialise in eHealth strategies, plans, impacts, benefits realisation, and eHealth economics and finance. Our clients are mainly in Africa and Europe.

Partnerships are important to us. We work closely with the African Centre for eHealth Excellence (Acfee). Tom Jones, TanJent's Director, is Acfee's Director of eHealth Strategy and Impact. He also works cloesly with tinTree International eHealth, and is an editor of eHealth News Africa.

You can contact TanJent by:

emailing tomjones@tanjent.co.uk or by phone at 0044 7802 336 229

Updated on19 February 2015